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February 2019

Multi-Dimensional Portals ~ Human-Heavenly Co-Creations

Joanna takes us on another ride of vibrational joy, Christic stories of human transformation as we become ever more aware of our transitioning human experience; awakening within the vastness and colour of our fields within, without, and how we may be inspired to create anew. Healing our bodies, healing Gaia, and how these new sensings and sacred living will thereby vibrationally assist in our co-creation of higher dimensional fields of exploration and sacred play. Source Creator and the Divine Heavenly Councils attune our value of the human vessel, the human journey through which we release the limitation and density of what thought ourselves to be through the transcension of separation, and reunion with Source Creator, our reunion with Gaia, our Reunion with our Universal Allness; how healing, how exciting, and how Divine this exploration and sacred experience truly is.

Enjoy our weekly sacred ascension offerings;