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October 2018

October 29, 2018

October 27 – KCOR RADIO

Our KCOR show from Saturday October 27

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This topic was inspired by a miraculous experience that I had during the sacred event that was entangled with some old childhood friends and was Divinely timed, orchestrated, and Heaven sent; the majesties of the Heavens in the glory of what I have known and experienced it to be for the inner knowing that we are truly so unconditionally loved, honoured, and Divinely perfect.

This experience cannot be put into words, however know that I was shown, and that we were offered a very sacred perspective of our enrichment upon earth, within Creation, and how we each play within this Divine role. We truly do enrich one another’s souls, and in spirit, we are able to see, feel, and know of the Divinehood and threading that we create through purity of love, joy, sacred living, forgiveness and compassion.


Divine OmniPresence Gateway & Source Alignment to Soulful Destinies

November 11 2018
5:55pm MST
90 minutes
(mp3 of event included)

Join us in these Divine experiences of Heavenly-human-earthly co-creations as we dance within the elegance of a refined Source essence within. For you are the perfection of Source.

And so it is.

Divine OmniPresence Gateway & Source Alignment

October 22, 2018

October 20 – KCOR RADIO

Our KCOR show from Saturday October 20

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October 9, 2018

October 6 – KCOR RADIO

Our KCOR show from Saturday October 6

This week’s show explores ‘The Beauty Unveils’

We go far and wide within multi-dimensional parenting, healing the heart of family, and giving Thanks for our teams, our celestial families that we have for eons been veiled to remember and know as ONE.
Awakening in the hearts of those that are ready ~
Blessings and graceful THANKS,
Joanna L Ross


Our KCOR show from Saturday September 29

This week’s show explores ‘Healing the Heart of Family’