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April 2018

April 30, 2018

Jesus’ Birth Chart

Greetings dear lighted ones,

Here is our exploration on the various channels, astrological information verified through Maia Nartoomid, via Thoth, her inter-planes mentor, in verification of the birthdate of Jesus, Yeshua, the Christ born in the birth sign and energy of Taurus. This was originally sent to Christine-Maia in 1985; and many of the older versions are not available due to cost, expense to keep running online documents and data.

I have given a portion of what I have downloaded from paying through a portal last year, and have some of it here. To respect and honour Maia’s work, there is a cost to download these works and of which this particular one is no longer available. However I have cut the first bit out and shared it here with Maia’s permission, and to also share many links she has created over the many years on the true expansiveness of the Christ energy, the Christ essence, and how this alignment within us all is our Divine birthright and remembrance in this now moment.

I highly recommend signing up and sharing in her portal, there is tremendous information, wisdoms, and heightened data that truly do resonate with our global, planetary, and consciousness transformations for those that find great excitement in expansive quantum data.

You can find some video’s and information’s here above, and the link to her portal is also listed on this page:

Maia is one of our times most notable resources for ascension, grid dynamic, and highly advanced inner light workers, of very complex quantum data within our earthly holographic experience, and I refer to her articles often in my own work, activations, and validations of ascension unfolding’s. So here we go…..

The Divine and Heavenly Blessing
Jesus’ Birthchart
24 April 15 BC
1:00am Bethlehem


Good morning dear lighted ones,

It will be ever more important of our awareness about what we exist within, what exists within each of us, and the All that we truly are as we continue within the grand spiral of earths, humanities, and our Divine galactic evolutionary story of Creation. We have shifted, are continually shifting and being offered Divine Sacred encodings from Source to assist, to enhance, to nourish our evolution, and in this, we always being offered a new pallet of Divinity to expand and play within. It will be ever-more evident, in our daily lives that how we behave, how we set the intention and vibration in each new day, will be felt and sensed to that of the new grid vibrations that we are to match within.