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February 2018

February 26, 2018

Alchemy of the Divine Mother

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Here is our link for the show archive from yesterday…

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Alchemy of the Divine Mother Feminine energy & ‘Consciousness Webbing ~ The Portal of Love’

Joanna takes us into a deep heart opening and healing as she channels and receives Divine wisdom, teachings, and information about our ability to create and re-write our reality experience. Tapping into the visions, energy downloads, and etheric chamber energetic offerings that support and empower human awakening and ascension to new and expansive dynamic earthly-Heavenly-human experiences.

Our awakening to the subtle benevolence we are all swimming within and why it is the perfect bedding to re-write the human story. Our families, our children, our entanglement with Gaia and all wildlife is aching for dynamic change in our engagement with it all. Time to dance, for we are co-creators of light!

With heartfelt love and joy,

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