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October 2017

Greetings dear golden ones,
So excited for our upcoming classes and events.
I was not able to plan an 11/11 out about Gaia this year due to other family commitments, however I am holding a 90min., Ceremony and Celebration that I was inspired by yesterday in a meditation and communion with spirit.

For those who so desire, have a look at our news events page and see if this tickles the God particles within to join us for an incredible gateway gathering remotely via Zoomcast.

‘It is your inner knowingness of your gifts, talents, skills, and wisdoms is the catalyst to having it come to life through you.’

~ Celestial Teams

I was reminded this morning when asking about the Divine Heavenly gifts and skills that I was tickled with in my dreams, and of course their response was so utterly simple and soft.
And so it is.

Blessings and great joy,