Join us for our special Event – 11/11 Gateway

It is safe for you to play dear one,
Come forth and sing, dance, and be in joy for the gifts that exist within are for the sharing, gifting, and expressing through the Diamond Heart of the
All that you are.
Join us this weekend as we explore Divine Sacred Play in our 11/11 Dancing with Color event and celebration, and our monthly Sacred Temple Classes
Blessed be the ones that sing and dance anyway,

Dancing with Colour Celebration November 11th @1:11MTN

Join us in our annual celebration and ceremony as we set forth into this special and dynamic season of light, love, and colour creation through our Divine Sacred Hearts. Joanna will lead us in a special Divine Heavenly ceremony attuning to the Heavenly Councils of Light, Christed Consciousness, Elohim, Ascended Masters,
Arch Angels, and Galactic Federations of Light as we initiate our own unique colour, tone, sacred vibration and unity dance with Mother Father God consecrating our own intent to our forth coming ‘Winter Solstice of Light.’
November 11 @ 1:11pm MST (90 min) Cost $33CDN

Pre-registration is required.